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Integrated energy systems

We design, implement and support integrated energy solutions for buildings.

Our solutions ensure that the significant energy consuming systems in a building operate to make the best use of onsite energy generation and variable grid pricing.

This helps to reduce ongoing energy costs & carbon emissions.

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Maximise the financial return of PV by controlling where and when generated energy is used.

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Grid integrated

Use grid power wisely, responding to time of use pricing.

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EV charging

Charge your EV with the lowest cost power source.

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Battery storage

Store excess energy & protect against power cuts.


Space heating

Zoned, scheduled and automated to be efficient and comfortable.


Hot water

Provide hot water at lowest possible cost. Store surplus solar energy during the day.

Pool heating

One heat source for space heating, hot water & pool heating.


Managed centrally

One interface for all your systems, simple to use &accessible from anywhere.